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Every corporate culture is unique and requires skilled professionals that seamlessly fit into the roles but also their new teams. We take the time to understand each of our client’s corporate cultures and working environments as well as their recruitment needs to ensure that only the most efficient, relevant and accurate candidates are represented.

Contract Recruitment Services

Project-oriented assignments

Our contract recruitment experts draw on their knowledge and network to respond rapidly to the needs of our clients. We know most of the candidates we place personally and work with them on a regular basis. Our local and international networks are our prime source of talent. 

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Swisslinx works closely with the client's line managers and/or HR departments to source, qualify and hire external professionals. These will join the organisation on an extendable, fixed-term basis ranging typically from six months to many years. Swisslinx then takes full responsibility for the employment and legal set-up of the appointed contractors. 

We are able to source contract specialists quickly for a wide range of roles across the IT spectrum as well as for most niche industry software. Staff augmentation is also commonly used by our Finance clients to respond to seasonal needs or specific regulatory projects. 

Benefits of a partnership with Swisslinx

  • Access to a pool of senior professionals available at short notice
  • Rapid placement where the candidate can be deployed within days if necessary
  • Immediate impact as the candidate applies his/her extensive, relevant experience and industry know-how from day one
  • Flexibility in length of assignment
  • No drain on internal HR resources
  • May result in a permanent position if the candidate has the right skill-set, cultural fit and delivers results
  • Permanent headcount is often unaffected

Mandate Search

Searching for the right leader

In mandate search, we work in close partnership with the client to define a campaign strategy for our team to execute efficiently. In conducting each search process, Swisslinx offers a clear commitment to deliver a discreet and confidential service involving close liaison with clients and candidates. 

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Swisslinx's Partners together with their most experienced Recruiters draw on their extensive networks within all industries to attract those very individuals who will move their client's businesses forward. 

Each search is tailored to the desires and expectations of our clients to ensure that all interests are served at best and that each step of the process is carefully managed.

Benefits of a partnership with Swisslinx

  • Local & global network of executives
  • A team spread in 3 continents working as one
  • Serving both the IT and Finance areas with contacts spanning 25 years
  • Tailored searches to the client's needs
  • Flexible retainers model

Permanent Recruitment Services

Selecting the best candidates

Our permanent recruitment experts work across a wide range of sectors and with a strong focus on Banking & Financial services, Insurance, Pharma and Industry. By leveraging our strong local and international network we provide clients with exceptional strategic talent.
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Transparency, trust and discretion drive our business and the way in which we mediate between clients and candidates. We strive for strategic, long-term partnerships with many leading organisations, of which are often one of their key suppliers.

During our rigorous recruitment process, candidates are qualified in detail to ensure that short-listed candidates suit the company environment and culture fully meet the role requirements.

Benefits of a partnership with Swisslinx

  • Extensive candidate network and invaluable recruitment know-how
  • Local market intelligence and salary data due to our long-term presence in the Swiss, Middle East and Asian markets
  • Rigorous recruitment process and thorough candidate qualification
  • Close interaction across our teams to ensure candidate market is covered

Contract Management Services

Offering employment solutions

Swisslinx provides contract management and payroll services in all the markets we operate in. To clients and contractors requiring representation we offer advice on employment legislation and permits and propose flexible work arrangements that are fully compliant with local legislation. 

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This service sets us apart from the competition and provides the client and the candidate with a point-of-call for all queries relating to the contract. Reducing the administration for all parties involved, this covers:
  • Contract management between all parties
  • Permit and residence applications
  • Payroll administration
  • Advice regarding Swiss taxes, social security, pension, insurances, living, etc.

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